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About Us

Four Day Work has been established as an extended association for companies to hire the best

Hiring is a challenge for any successful business, dream of a business is to grow, that happens with the right hire.

Every company should wish to have the best of the talents to grow their business.

In the midst of the business growth plans there comes the challenges of doing the right hire which inevitably takes a back seat due to the professionally unorganized nature of the HR process and practices which many companies are trying to solve universally both from the job seekers point of view and from the companies point of view.

  • Time to hire and fill an open position exceeds the time limit set to hire.
  • Lose of productivity due to the time lapse in hiring.
  • A bad hire can break the companies morale or teams morale.

Four Day Work as a company specializes in hiring and recruitment for the associated group of companies with varying and diverse experiences and expectations, understanding and realizing the fragile nature of the process involved in hiring. Recruitment as such is a pivotal role played by the recruiters who are the pillars and backbones for the business structure, but yet it is most neglected area by many a top companies with redundant process and practices in place which definitely is a resource bleeder and money evaporator which costs many companies their real survival and pure existence. Four Day Work steps in as an enabler of this space in addressing the core issues faced and facing by the companies with their true expertise and practical experience combined with industry exposure and knowledge standards.

Our Features


Efficiency is the root cause of business success, keeping this as our focal point , we deliver the best experience for your success.


Fine tuning and iteration is a part of a business process and that comes by experience. Being in the industry we emphasize on this process with all our clients.


Team follows set of practices with broader system of rules, principles and procedures consistently to solve different problems to attain the desired results.


We process the complex data in to simpler parts in order to gain a better understanding for a systematic examination and evolution which helps us to serve our clients better.

Planning has never been so easy with the adaptability of our SaaS platform to fill in your resources

Bad hiring and back firing is part of the recruitment process and all companies try to avoid this the most. But sometimes we all do mistakes and such mistakes cost us a lot.

Let’s try to avoid such costly mistakes at least through the use of technology, not that we can totally avoid human mistakes in spite of our intellectual abilities, but understanding fellow human being and knowing them thoroughly is highly impossible task for any human being.

Sometimes machines come in handy to assist us through the use of analytical algorithms which have been developed through the behavioural patterns of human beings.

We at Four Day Work use such analytics in our everyday affair in assisting our fellow recruiters of our clients in identifying the right resource to fill in their vacant ones.

Having a plan and executing the plan are two different ball games

Sorting out the desired resources from the pool of interested profiles with respective skills, knowledge and domain expertise.

Thoroughly checking and scanning the right resources by way of filtering process to look for the skills needed from the respective domain knowledge requirements.

Having an assorted set of profiles in line with the needs of the clients for fast execution and immediate closure of the available positions.

Analytics has to be a part of your success, with robust graphs and charts you know where you are!

While the world is filled with full of data, the ones with the high success rate are those who know how to use that data.

Analytics plays major role in making decisions, while you have the data with you, you should use the right tools to analyse the data to get the best out of that data to make informed decisions by all the people involved in decision making from top down the ladder to achieve the organizational goals.

We at Four Day Work are lined up and well prepared in handling such data to give our clients the utmost importance in making informed decisions which eventually turns out to help those who have the strong power to make quick decisions.

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Let's have an association. We will help you in implementing the strategies, methodologies, plans and result driven approaches. We shall become your official business partners in your growth.

More Features

Collaborative and attentive features, we follow for our compassionate and cooperative clients


Timing is everything in a business, committed approach with well calculated timing and dedicated hard work gives us the best outcome.

Client Expectations

Clients eagerly engage with entrepreneurial and focused expectations. Meeting those insightful and persistent expectations is our inventive way of working.


Proactive love to observe reliable, resourceful and skilful methods bring in methodical, enthusiastic and positive results.


With balanced and curious analysis gives us the result driven, orderly and organised data output to self aware the creative ways of moving ahead.

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Different companies, different needs. we work with everyone as per their needs

Micro Enterprises


  • 7 Interview Setup's
  • 25 Relevant Profiles
  • 1 Dedicated Account Manager
  • 1 Dedicated Lead Recruiter
  • 2 Dedicated Recruiters
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Large Enterprises

$2999 month

  • 20 Interview Setup's
  • 45 Relevant Profiles
  • 1 Dedicated Account Manager
  • 2 Dedicated Lead Recruiters
  • 4 Dedicated Recruiters
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers for few of the frequently asked questions

  • We encourage companies to adopt Four Day Work Week culture for the betterment of the enterprises and for the welfare of the employees, as the studies proved that Four Day Work week gave the most productivity than the 5 day or 6 day work week.

  • NO, not at all. It's not at all mandatory for your company to have Four Day Work Week to avail our services. Our services are open for all the companies irrespective of your work culture.

  • You can write to us by filling up the form at the bottom of this website and click on send message, so that one of us will be in touch with you. Alternatively you can write to us directly addressing to contact@fourdaywork.com

  • Well, generally not, but we are not so strict with our clients, we encourage organizations to grow, for that to happen you need to have the best of the professionals at your disposal. So we think it's not advisable for clients to have deep down discounts and in which case those discounts directly affect the performance of the deliverables. For which we are not keen on to do substandard jobs with poor deliverable's to our clients. Keeping these aspects at the forefront we don't encourage discounts with our clients but there are exceptions with start-up’s as we understand the pains of the start-up’s.

  • Yes, you can pay online or call us, so that one of us will help you with payments to avail our services.

  • Yes, every payment will be accompanied with the GST invoice which show the payments and services are authenticate and in line with the rules and regulations. Being compliance in all aspects, we follow standard procedures with all our transactions with our clients.

Four Day Work

By joining hands with companies who wish to adopt Four Day work week for better productivity and improved performance of employees and to promote healthy work life balance.

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